Cold Subs & Homemade Pita Pockets

italian subAt Jimmy’s Pizza you can get all your favorite subs (grinders) made with fresh ingredients. You can get your sub made your way, too. If you like pickles on a Genoa Salami sub, then tell us. Tell us if you would like your sub toasted or not, whether you want cheese or extra mustard or hots.

The freshest meats, cheeses, vegatables and spreads, just what you’d expect from Jimmy’s. Don’t forget, everybody loves our pita pocket subs. Try your favorite sandwich fillings in one you will love it.

Cold Subs & Pita Pockets
Sub 8″ SM 12″ MED or PITA 18″ LG
Italian $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Ham & Cheese $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Tuna (White Meat) $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Seafood Salad $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Chicken Salad $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Roasted Turkey $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Veggie $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Salami $6.25 $7.50 $9.75
Genoa Salami $6.25 $7.50 $9.75

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